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Elequip Tools Pvt. Ltd.
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Company Name : Elequip Tools Pvt. Ltd.
Page no : 487
Categories: Hoses & Accessories
Lifting Equipment & Accessories
Switches and Relays
Material Handling Equipment & Accessories
Products: Chain Pulley Blocks  |  Wire Rope Hoists  |  EOT/HOT Cranes  |  Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck  |  Limit Switch & Rotary Gears  |  Hoists & Accessories  | 
Company Details:

Established in 1966 the company is engaged with the material handling, construction and engineering industries. Elequip Tools Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of EOT-HOT cranes, electric winches, Gantry and Goliath cranes and importers and suppliers of a wide range of branded products like chain pulley blocks, electric and manual hoists, limit switches, flat and round cables, etc. from the renowned market brands like Indef, Stier, Giovenzana, Kompress, Yale and the most eminent service providers of maintenance, repair, erection and commissioning, demo, training and consultancy services related to material handling.

Contact person:Mr. Sourav Suraka
Address: No 19, Pollock Street
2nd Floor