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Electrical transformers, or simply transformers are the electrical devices meant for transforming the electric energy. The basic function of a transformer is to alter the voltage, usually from high to low. In other words, a transformer solves the purpose of transiting the power from the power plants to houses, offices, markets, malls, etc., in an appropriate state. Nowadays, electrical transformers are available in several different types.
Also, the size of electrical transformers vary according to the area of their application. For instance, the transformers required for power stations are multi-ton units, which are large and bulky; electrical transformers used on electric poles are intermediate units, which are medium sized; electrical appliances in homes, offices, etc., require compact transformers. Electrical transformers manufactured by Binary Engineering are precisely and efficiently engineered to render optimum value for your money. This transformer ensure safe and economical transfer of current from the main power supply to the relevant equipment. The range of electrical transformers is mentioned below:

Power Distribution Transformers

The main function of a power distribution transformer is to transform the electrical supply from the main source into a predefined voltage, which should be appropriate for the destination equipment. Their use high quality materials and advanced production techniques for manufacturing these transformers. These are also capable of custom designing these transformers according to the client's specifications. This power distribution transformer is primarily demanded by large manufacturing units, electricity boards, and windmills.

Ultra Isolation Transformers

Ultra isolation transformers are considered ideal for eliminating line disturbances and preventing faulty and erratic operation of certain sensitive equipment like computer, computerized machines, medical equipment, CNC machines, digital communication telemetry systems, and so. These are quite specialized in manufacturing this particular variety of transformers. This ultra isolation transformer is highly effective in eradicating the disturbances generated in consequence of the noisy equipment load which get injected into the power line.

Special Purpose Transformers

The special purpose transformers found their application in areas where the voltage requirement of the machines available differs significantly from the standard voltage. This special purpose transformers are at the forefront in the industry. They strictly adhere to the international quality standards while manufacturing these transformers. The company also entertains custom requirements up to 5000 kva.

Types of transformer by application

  • Distribution transformer
  • Power transformer
  • Current transformer
  • Potential transformer
  • Furnace transformer
  • Booster transformer
  • Rectifier transformer
  • Locomotive transformer
  • Mining transformer
  • Phase shifting transformer
  • Welding transformer
  • High voltage testing/SC testing TRF
  • Grounding transformers
  • Converter transformer


  • Outdoor,oil cooled, 3 phase,50hz
  • Primary is delta connected and secondary is star connected
  • Naturally cooled (onan type)
  • Amongst all the types of transformers this is the most required and most used type
  • Parts of transformer
  • Main tank
  • Radiators
  • Conservator
  • Explosion vent
  • Lifting lugs
  • Air release plug
  • Oil level indicator
  • Tap changer
  • Wheels
  • HV/LV bushings
  • Filter valves
  • Oil filling plug
  • Drain plug
  • Cable box
  • Testing of transformer
  • Testing is carried out as per is-2026
  • Routine, type tests & special tests

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