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Axxon Material Science
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Company Name : Axxon Material Science
Page no : 139
Categories: Lubricants, Greases and Anti Corrosives
Industrial Chemicals, Compounds and Mixtures
Adhesives, Sealants and Tapes
Waxes, Oils and Solvents
Products: Lubricants & Base Oils  |  High Temperature Lubricants and Oils Based On Molybdenum & Nickel-Metalocene Polymers  |  Graphite & Lithium Nano Complex Based Electrically & Thermally Conductive Grease  |  Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Oils, Cutting & Coolant Fluids  |  Rust Preventive Chemicals  |  Rust Preventive Oils - Wet and Waxy Film Coat  |  Rust Preventive Compounds-Dry Film Coat any Colour  |  Rust Preventive (Galvanic Corrosion) Paints and Compounds  |  Adhesives for Automotive & Engineering Industries  |  Corrosion and Stone Chip Resistant Paint for Under Body Coats  |  Silicone Engineering Adhesives & Sealants  |  Silicone Liquid Gaskets-Power Train & Rear Axle Gearboxes  |  Anaerobic Thread Lockers, Sealers & Gaskets  |  NVH Adhesives For All Auto & Compressor Components  |  NVH Lubricants For HCV Auto Gearbox  |  High Temperature Paints-Engine & Silencer Parts  |  Rubber and Plastic Industries  |  Semi Permanent & Nano Release Agents  |  Regular Internal Release & Lubricant Agents  |  Metal to Rubber Bonding Compounds  |  Silane Coupling Agents  |  Fabrication Solutions - Welding, Casting & Forging Industries  |  Metal Cast Mould Release Agents  |  Penetrating Oils And Compounds  |  Pores & Crack Sealing Compounds  |  NDE-MPI - Powders-Sprays  |  Dye Penetrate Chemicals  |  MIG Welding Anti Spatter Chemicals  |  MIG Welding Torch and its Consumables  |  Temperature Indicating Crayons - Thermelpen-Chromopens  |  Medical & Pharmaceutical Chemicals  |  Silanes, Siloxanes, Silazanes-Blocking Agents for Bulk Drugs  |  Lubricants-Oils-Adhesives for Medical Devices & Equipments  |  Silicone Oils For Disposable Syringe and Medical Tubes  |  Epoxy Adhesives, Pigments For Disposable Needles  |  Construction - Concrete, Wood, Plywood Protection  |  Water Proofing-Sealing-Repellant Compounds  |  Dust And Algae-Resistant Chemicals  |  Anti Fungal and anti Fade Chemicals  |  Termite and Borers Proof Chemicals  |  Household Chemicals  |  Warrior - Mosquito, Cockroach and all Crawling Insect Killer  |  Warrior - Room Fresheners-Antibacterial  |  Warrior - Body Deodorants & Antiperspirants  |  Warrior - Anti Fungal Floor & Tile Cleaners  |  Anaerobics Adhesives  | 
Company Details:

Axxon Inc offers a wide range of product for various industries. These products are consistent quality at competitive prices and are manufactured through stringent process & quality procedures.
Conforming to the following International Standards

  • DIN, BIS
  • JIS, SAE

  • Reliable deliveries
  • Tailor made grades to suit each individual need of customer
  • Personalized, efficient service at customer's doorstep
  • We are strong in our R & D to develop innovative products for various application as per customer specification

Estd year:1999
Address: DP-80A, TANSIDCO Industrial Estate
Kakalur, Thiruvallur-Distric
Pincode:602 003
Phone:91-44-27664144, 27600583, 27664912