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Molybar Engineering Private Limited
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Company Name : Molybar Engineering Private Limited
Page no : 199
Categories: Hand Tools, Power Tools & Accessories
Fasteners, Springs, Brackets and Hooks
Products: Riveting tool  |  Tool for blind rivets  |  Blind rivets, standard & sealed  |  Multi-range blind rivets  |  Split ends rivet for construction industry  |  Structural rivet high-strength long break-pull blind rivet  |  Or-bolt break stem fasteners  |  Blind rivet threaded bolts        |  Pneuma-hydraulic tools blind rivets  |  Pneuma-hydraulic tools, rivet nuts & rivet bolts  |  Battery riveter (Rivdom) for riveting up to 5 mm  | 
Company Details:
Address: New No 26, 3rd Cross Street, 2nd Floor
Karpagam Avenue, R A Puram
Pincode:600 028