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Integrated Metwork Products Pvt. Ltd.
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Company Name : Integrated Metwork Products Pvt. Ltd.
Page no : 158
Categories: Lubricants, Greases and Anti Corrosives
Wood and Stone Working Machinery
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants & Equipment
Industrial Chemicals, Compounds and Mixtures
Products: Industrial consumables  |  Cutting & grinding fluids, synthetic/semi-synthetic  |  Press working lubricants  |  Tapping oils  |  Aqueous hydraulic fluids  |  Wood preservatives  |  Water treatment chemicals  |  Forging lubricants  |  Products for non-ferrous die casting  |  Corrosion inhibitors  |  Rust preventers/converters/removers  |  Scale preventives/removers  |  Cleaning media  | 
Company Details:
Address: Integrated House, S No 143/2/2/4