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Vikrant Special Machines Private Limited
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Company Name : Vikrant Special Machines Private Limited
Page no : 98
Categories: Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Special Purpose Machines
Machine Tools & Accessories
Cutting Machinery & Accessories
Winding and Wire Processing Machines
Dies, Moulds, Jigs and Fixtures
Deburring, Drilling, Boring, Tapping and Threading Machines
Lifting Equipment & Accessories
Welding Machinery & Accessories
Milling and Bending Machines
Material Handling Equipment & Accessories
Presses and Press Brakes
Hydraulic Machinery and Equipment
Packaging, Filling and Sealing Machines, Accessories & Materials
Process & Plant Equipment
Products: Armature Banding Machine  |  Automatic Coil Winding Machine  |  Automatic Mica Undercutting & Deburring Machine  |  Automatic Tig Welding Machine  |  Bench Coil Winding Machine  |  Beveling Machine  |  Coil Upender  |  Coil Winding Machine  |  Coil Winding Machine For Distribution Transformer  |  Coil Winding Machines  |  Collapsible Winding Mandrel  |  Conductor Taping Machine  |  Dia Motorized Coil Lifting Tackle  |  Dynamic Commutator Seasoning Plant  |  Edge Rounding Machine  |  End Support Gluing Machine  |  File Cutting Machine  |  Floor Turn Tables  |  Gang Drilling Machine  |  Gang Drilling Machines  |  Hydraulic Coil Press  |  Hydraulic Core Tilting Table  |  Hydraulic Press  |  Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platforms/Tables  |  Jigs & fixtures for automobile industry  |  Mica Undercutting Machine, Automatic  |  Pipe threading machine, portable  |  Radial Planing Machine, Portable  |  Rotary Gelation Plant  |  Round Wire Coil Winding Machines  |  Strip-On-Edge Winding Machine  |  Tangential Pipe & Bolt Threading Machine  |  Tangential Threading Machine  |  Tangential Threading Machine, Heavy Duty  |  Tangential Type Threading Machine  |  Tangential Type Threading Machine - PPT Series  |  Threading Machine, Tangential  |  Transformer Coil Winding Machines  |  Transformer Coil Winding Machines, Heavy Duty  |  Vertical Coil Winding Machines  |  Vertical Coil Winding Machines For Transformer Industry  |  Weld Positioners  |  Welding Rotators  | 
Company Details:

In the year 1969, a group of young and qualified and experienced engineers, led by a dynamic machine tool engineer formed a company with the express desire to professionally provide design input to Engineering Industries in and around Kolkata, for improvement in overall productivity and for indigenous development of special machines.

In course of time, it was noted that the requirement of the industries was not only design expertise, but they also desired that the special machines and equipment be manufactured and supplied.

Thus in order to fulfill this demand VIKRANT SPECIAL MACHINES PVT. LTD. was set up in 1976 with a prototype manufacturing and production workshop at 90, Nayapatty Road, Kolkata - 700 055, which in course of time grew into a full fledged and adequately equipped machine building and production outfit.

Over the years, VIKRANT went on developing design, built prototypes and manufactured machines of great variety and diversity catering to the needs of special and custom built machines.

While in the process of design, development of special machines with active interaction of customers, a few distinct type of machines were being produced for satisfaction of repetitive demand of customers. These machine groups are : Machines & Accessories for Electrical Industry, a few selected Machine Tools, and specialized Hydraulic / Pneumatic Material handling Equipment. VIKRANT's customers are spread all over India and includes Government institution like Defence, Railways, Telecom, ISRO and large Public sector units like BHEL, Oil India, Andrew Yule, Telk, NGEF and others. VIKRANT’s machines can also be seen with all major private parties like Areva, Alstom, ABB, KEC, Emco Transformers, IFB Industries, Oriplast, Patton, and others. VIKRANT has also exported its machines successfully to Bangladesh, OMAN, Kuwait, Qatar & USA.

VIKRANT’s strength is in it's ability to work out ingenuous and bold design of machines and equipment, it's skilled and committed workforce and VIKRANT's unfailing trademark service to customers.

Estd year:1969
Address: 90, Nayapatty Road
Pincode:700 055
Phone: 91-33-25513070, 25501462
Fax: 91-33-23377053, 25513070