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Omicron Sensing Private Limited
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Company Name : Omicron Sensing Private Limited
Page no : 211
Categories: Flow & Level Measuring and Control Instruments
Gauges and Fixtures
Pressure Measuring and Control Instruments
Switches and Relays
Temperature Control and Measuring Equipment
Products: Precise Vortex Flowmeter For Steam/Air  |  Air/Pressure Gauges  |  Digital Pressure Gauges  |  Pressure Transmitters  |  Differential Pressure Transmitters  |  Pressure Switches  |  Differential Pressure Switches  |  Temperature Gauges  |  RTD, Thermocouples  |  Temperature/Flow Transmitters  |  Ultrasonic Level Transmitters  | 
Company Details:
Address: Building No 10, Sarang Street, 1st Floor
Pincode:400 003