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Macht Technologies Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Macht Technologies Pvt Ltd
Page no : 37
Categories: Robotics, Industrial Electronics and Automation Equipment
Machine Tools & Accessories
Lathes and Turning Centres
Products: Spindle Units  |  Made to Order Machines  |  Robotic Automation to Work Holding Fixtures and Gauging Systems  |  Industrial Solution Provider  |  Multi Axes CNC Machines  |  Multi Axes CNC Machine with Automation  |  CNC Lathe MT-15-S  |  CNC Machines for Turning, Milling, Turn Mill, Drilling, Reaming, Etc  |  Rotary Indexing Multi Operation Machine  |  Pneumatic Self Feed Spindle Unit  |  Serve Self Feed Spindle Unit for Micro Drilling, Servo Self Feed Spindle Unit  |  Indigenous Range of Linear Robots Up To 5 Axes And Payload of 80 Kg  |  Solution Provider In: Welding Automation, Material Handling/Palletising, Die-Casting Automation, Machine Loading/Unloading, Plas  |  Machined Parts, High Precision  | 
Company Details:
Address: D-137, Site 1, Bulandshahar Road Industrial Area
Phone:91-120-2866259, 2866567
Fax:91-120-2866259, 4157536