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Golden Precision Products Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Golden Precision Products Pvt Ltd
Page no : 93
Categories: Clamps, Couplings, Connectors and Hardware
Brakes & Accessories
Machine Tools & Accessories
Products: Electromagnetic Clutches, Brakes & Clutch Plates  |  Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes, Single/Multi Disc  |  Spring Applied Brakes  |  Mechanical Clutches  |  Brake Linings (Non Asbestos)  |  Clutch Plates - Steel & Sintered Bronze  |  Telescopic Brushes  |  Machine Tool Spares (HMT, BFW, Kirloskar, WMW, etc)  |  Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes Single Disc  | 
Company Details:

Golden Precision Products Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, is a manufacturer of the widest range of electromagnetic clutches and brakes (multi-disc and single disc), tooth clutches, fail safe brakes, mechanical clutches, clutch plates (steel and sintered paper) and telescopic brushes.

Contact person:Mr Ravichandran
Address: 51, Manoj Industrial Estate, 5th Floor
G. D. Ambekar Road, Wadala (W)