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Jana Precision Machines
Company Details:

Throughout human history, engineering has driven the advancement of civilization. In each of the broad realms of human concern - sustainability, health, vulnerability, and joy of living - specific grand challenges await engineering solutions. The world's cadre of engineers will seek ways to put knowledge into practice to meet these grand challenges. Applying the rules of reason, the findings of science, the aesthetics of art, and the spark of creative imagination, engineers will continue the tradition of forging a better future.

Jana Precision Machines makes an honest effort to offer its wealth of resources regarding latest mechanical and industrial engineering activities, processes and the developments taking place in the present world keeping in view the Futuristic Trends in the Automation of Machines and various allied processes.

Vision To enhance customer satisfaction and our brand image domestically & globally and achieve exponential growth to leadership through application of futuristic Engineering and services.

Mission Through the engineering accomplishments of the past, the world has become smaller, more inclusive, and more connected. The challenges facing engineering today are not those of isolated locales, but of the planet as a whole and the entire planet's people. Meeting all those challenges with the successful adoption of new engineering technologies is the ultimate goal of universal accessibility in mind.

The ultimate users of engineering's products are people with individual and personal concerns, and in many cases, resistance to new ways of doing things will have to be overcome.

Our mission is to help the industry to do things in new and more efficient ways to realize greater profitability at a much lesser cost by providing complete technical & economical solutions through technical leadership, innovations and manufacturing excellence that is responsive to the dynamic market needs.

Address: P.O. Danesh Sheikh Lane, Shantinagar, Hanshkhalipul