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Cosmos Impex (India) Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Cosmos Impex (India) Pvt Ltd
Page no : 209
Categories: Machinery Components & Accessories
Special Purpose Machines
Machining Centres
Milling and Bending Machines
Cutting Machinery & Accessories
Machine Tools & Accessories
Lathes and Turning Centres
Winding and Wire Processing Machines
Grinding Machines & Accessories
Products: Auto Wirecut EDM  |  CNC auto lathe  |  CNC Double Column Machining Centres  |  CNC Face Gear Indexers  |  CNC Flat Bed Lathes, Heavy-Duty  |  CNC Horizontal Machining Centres  |  CNC Lathe With Linear Tooling  |  CNC Lathes, Large Flat Bed  |  CNC Machining Centres For Die & Mould Industry  |  CNC Milling Machine  |  CNC Milling Machine For Die & Mould Making  |  CNC Rotary Table  |  CNC Single Spindle Automat  |  CNC Turning Centre  |  CNC Vertical Machining Centres  |  CNC Wirecut EDM  |  Cosmos Rotary Surface Grinding Machine  |  Cosmos Surface Grinding Machine  |  Cosmos Vertical Machining Center  |  Double Column Vertical Machining Centre  |  EDM Machine  |  Fuzzy Logic Spark EDM  |  High Performance Fuzzy Logic Znc Programmable EDM  |  High Precision Surface Grinding Machine  |  Milling Machine  |  Milling Machine, Knee Type  |  Star Sliding Head  |  Surface Grinding Machines  |  Turn Mill Center  |  Turret Milling Machine  |  Vertical Machining Center  |  Vertical machining centre  |  Vertical machining centre with automatic pallet changer  |  Vertical Machining Centres  |  Vertical Turning Centre, Palletised 4-Axis Alloy Wheel Vertical TC's  |  Vertical Turning Centres  |  Vertical Turning Lathe, Small  |  Vertical Turning Lathes  |  Vertical Turning Lathes, Heavy-Duty  |  Wirecut EDM  |  Youji - VTL'S  | 
Company Details:

Cosmos Impex (India) Pvt. Ltd. / Cosmos Grinding Technologies Pvt. Ltd. For over 16 years COSMOS have been the forerunner in the quality product and Marketing of broad range of Metal Cutting Machine Tools & Machine Tool Accessories.

From product, selection, right through to application support, Sales and after Sales Service, it is these efforts at every stage that ensure the value of association with COSMOS Partnership.

Contact person:Mr Bina Khambhaita, Amit Saxena
Address: Cosmos House, 85/2, Atladra Padra Road
Phone:91-265-3927000, 2331934, 2353002
Fax:91-265-3927001, 2335815