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Katlax Enterprises Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Katlax Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Page no : 20
Categories: Sensors, Detectors and Transducers
Flow & Level Measuring and Control Instruments
Temperature Control and Measuring Equipment
Electrical Lugs, Plugs and Connectors
Pressure Measuring and Control Instruments
Products: Sensors  |  Connector & Cable Assembly For Sensors  |  Float & Level Sensors  |  Field Plate/Hall Sensors  |  Inductive Proximity Sensors, Connector Type  |  Humidity Cum Temperature Sensor  |  Inductive Sensors, Block & Slot Type  |  Miniature Sensor (M 4, 5, 6, 8)  |  Analogue Inductive Sensors  |  Photo Retro Reflective Sensor  |  Photo Sensor Thru-Beam Sensor  |  Photo Sensor, Block & Slot Type  |  Connector, Cable Type  |  Inductive Sensor, in SS Body  |  Block Multi Face Sensor  |  Hall-MR Sensor  |  Sensor For Certified Zener Barrier  |  Photo Electric Sensors  |  Sensors For Textile Machinery (Spinning & Weaving)  |  Connector & Cable Assembly  |  Optical Photo Electric Sensor  |  Peripherals, Relay Units  |  Namur Sensors  |  Peripheral Relay Units  |  Capacitive Proximity Sensors  |  Safety Light Curtain With Controller  |  I/O Junction Box Profibus  |  Wireless I/O Junction Box  |  Modbus (RS 485) I/O Junction Box  |  Connector And Cable Assembly  |  Sensors' Connectors  |  M12 Screw Type Connector  |  Connectors Screw Type, Right Angle  |  M8 Screw Type Connector  |  RH (Humidity) & Temperature Transmitter, Wireless  |  Differential Pressure Transmitter, Wireless  |  RH (Humidity), Pressure & Temperature Indicator, Wireless (3-In-1)  |  Wireless Receiver  |  RS232 To Wireless  |  RH, Pressure, Temperature Indicator, Wireless  |  I/O Junction Box 6 Channel, Wireless  |  USB To Wireless Converter  |  RS485 To Wireless  |  RH & Temperature Transmitter, Wireless  |  Differential Pressure Transmitter, Wireless  | 
Company Details:

Katlax established in 1993 with commitment for offering latest in Sensors & Automation to Indian and Global Industry started its operations in October 1994 with basic Sensors and added later low end Automation Solutions. The products are tested and certified by various National and International leading agencies and laboratories for stringent requirements. Katlax , strategically decided to have backward integration in Automation and entered into manufacturing of Interface Products as backward integration by setting Tool Room Facilities and Injection Molding Shop in 2000. In this product group it executed prestigious Order for US Company in the same year which was turning point in its endeavor.

Contact person:D. R. Katrat, Nagesh Chandanshive
Estd year:1980
Address: Interface Product Group, Controller and Instrumentation Group (CIG), Block # 117,119 , Santej-Vadsar Road
Santej, Tal: Kalol, Dist. Gandhinagar