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Empire Cable Industries Pvt Ltd (Raghav Cables Pvt Ltd)
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Company Name : Empire Cable Industries Pvt Ltd (Raghav Cables Pvt Ltd)
Page no : 289
Categories: Electrical Wires and Cables & Accessories
Products: Power & Control Cables (Aluminium/Copper Conductor, Armoured Cables)  |  HT & LT Cables  |  Multi-Core Flexible Wire  |  TRS/TRS Braided and Welding Cables  |  Hook-Up Wire, Tv Feeder Wires, Co-Axial Cables  |  Shielded and Submersible Cables  |  Tele-Communications Armoured/Unarmoured Cables  |  Instrumentation, Computer Cables/Cat-5e  |  Fibre Optics Cables  |  CABLES  |  Industrial Cables  |  House Wiring & Industrial Cables  |  Wires  |  PTFE (Teflon) Coated Wires & Cables  | 
Company Details:

Empire Cable Industries (P) Ltd. / Raghav Cables Pvt. Ltd. Empire Cables has unfolded the new dimensions of progress and development by taking the initiatives to build a forte of intellectual prowess and zero-defect quality to shield the imperative expectations of the cable and wire industry. Empire Cables, as one of the leading manufacturers of wires and cables in North India has the largest dealer and distributor network all over the India, which enables its products to reach every nook and corner of the country.
We cater to the diversified needs of our reverent customers, thus providing them with the comprehensive solutions of wires and cables such as PVC/PE insulated wires, LT-PVC/XLPE power control, instrumentation cables, Flexible and House wires. Empire Cables also manufactures the cables in accordance to the customer specifications. Since from inception, Empire Cables has developed a culture of "Body of Knowledge" database that allows everyone in the organization to access information acquired by the company on different customers, technologies, methodologies and projects.

Contact person:Mr Rajesh Aggarwal
Address: Plot No 115, Phase - II, Badli Industrial Area
City:New Delhi