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Hitech (India) Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Hitech (India) Pvt Ltd
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Categories: Electrical Lugs, Plugs and Connectors
Electrical Systems, Components & Accessories
Products: Connectors  |  Solder Connectors  |  Crimp Type Connectors  |  Miniature Connectors  |  Metric Shell Connectors  |  Rectangular Connectors  |  Brass Connectors  |  Precision Components  |  Reverse Bayonet Coupling  |  Circular Threaded Coupling  |  Russian Connectors  |  Oil Rig Connectors  |  Mount Edge Connectors  |  Micro Connectors  |  Antennae  |  Underwater Connectors  |  Industrial Connectors  |  Cable Harness  | 
Company Details:

Hitech (India) Pvt. Ltd. was started in the year 1975 by Technocrats educated and trained in U S A over a decade. The unit is a 30 years old Connectors manufacturing unit located in the phase V, IDA Cherlapally Industrial area, in Hyderabad. These Connectors are mainly used in many military and industrial types of equipment where environmental protection is required with a high degree of vibration proof.

The present customers are mostly in the public and private sector organisations involved in the manufacture of Defence communications and Aerospace equipment. All the facilities exist in - house, to facilitate better control on quality. New items are regularly being developed and added to the present line of manufacture.

Hitech connectors are approved and certified by DGQA & LCSO. Hitech India Pvt. Ltd. comprises of precision machinery to carry out production, and to maintain the quality Hitech manufactures complete connector in the factory premises and ensures the quality throughout the production.

Contact person:Mr Anil Singhiv
Estd year:1975
Address: Plot No.11A/11B, IDA, Phase-V, Cherlapally