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New Amp & Ohm Applications Pvt. Ltd.
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Company Name : New Amp & Ohm Applications Pvt. Ltd.
Page no : 171
Categories: Drives
Inverters, Converters, Rectifiers and Stabilizers
Doors, Windows and Hardware
Controllers, Control Systems and Regulators
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Products: Drives  |  AC VVVF Drives  |  Vvvf Drives for Elevators  |  HVAC Drives  |  Variable Frequency Drives  |  Drives for Lift Application  |  Drives for Elevator Application  |  Pump Drives  |  Fan Drives  |  Inverters  |  Soft Starters  |  Frequency Drives  |  Transistor Inverter  |  Door Operator  |  Lift Controller  |  Automatic Door for Elevators  |  Landing Door Operator  |  Frequency Drives  |  Industrial Automation  |  Industrial Electronics  | 
Company Details:
Address: Chowdary Apartments, Plot No G1
Block-B, Brahmanwadi, Begumpet
Pincode:500 016