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Crane Control Equipments
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Company Name : Crane Control Equipments
Page no : 187
Categories: Material Handling Equipment & Accessories
Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors
Clamps, Couplings, Connectors and Hardware
Brakes & Accessories
Electronic Control Devices
Switches and Relays
Products: Crane spares  |  Cranes  |  Rotary Limit Switch For Cranes  |  Multi wire cable trolley  |  Gravity limit switch  |  Electro hydraulic thruster  |  Master controller  |  Electro hydraulic thruster brake  |  Radio remote control  |  Resistance Boxes  |  Flexible Geared Couplings  |  Shrouded bus bar systems  |  EOT cranes  |  Dynamic braking resistors  |  Couplings  |  ABB VVVF drives  |  Counter weight limit switch  | 
Company Details:

An eminent ISO 9001:2008 company delivering premium quality Control Gear Equipments.

Cranes are widely employed in the transport industry for the loading and unloading of freight; in the construction industry for the movement of materials; and in the manufacturing industry for the assembling of heavy equipment. Incorporated in 1988, Crane Control Equipments is a leading a manufacturer, exporter and stockist of a wide range control gear equipment and crane spare parts. Our product range includes Cable Trolleys, Current Collectors, Master Controllers, Starting Resistors, Dynamic Braking Resistors, Rotary Geared Limit Switches, Lever Limit Switches, Counter Weight Limit Switches, Electro Magnetic Brakes, Electro Hydraulic Thruster Brakes, Electro Hydraulic Thrusters, Flexible Geared Couplings, Flexible Brake Drum Couplings, Automatic Rotor Starter Panel, S.S. Wire Grid Resistance Boxes, S.S. Punched Grid Resistance Boxes, Fechral Punched Grid Resistance Boxes, Radio Remote Controls, Shrouded Bus Bar Conductors, Cable Reeling Drums. Our wide range of such equipments are used in EOT cranes, crane unloaders as well as in grabbing cranes, Cable reeling Drums, Cable trollies.

Contact person:Mr. Mukesh Malkani
Estd year:1988
Address: F-66,Okhla Phase 1
City:New Delhi
Pincode:110 020