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Sintex Industries Ltd
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Company Name : Sintex Industries Ltd
Page no : 79
Categories: Material Handling Equipment & Accessories
Doors, Windows and Hardware
Containers, Storage Equipment & Accessories
Electrical Wires and Cables & Accessories
Polymers, Plastic and Rubber Materials & Components
Electrical Boxes and Enclosures
Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Shelving and Storage System
Building & Construction Machinery & Accessories
Electrical Systems, Components & Accessories
Products: "FRP" Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks  |  Acoustic Enclosures  |  Bins & Vats  |  Cable Trays (Grp)  |  Chemical Tanks  |  Drums  |  Duplex Processing Trollies  |  Energy Saving Windows  |  FRP Cable Trays  |  FRP Cross Arms  |  Junction Boxes, SMC Pole Mounted  |  Moulded Pallet (Non-Reversible 4 Way Entry)  |  Moulded Pallet (Reversible 4 Way Entry)  |  Openable Windows  |  Pallet Containers & Boxes, Plc080-01  |  Pallet Containers & Boxes, Plc100-01  |  Pallets  |  Pallets, Moulded Non-Reversible  |  Pallets, Moulded Reversible  |  Plastic Chemical Tanks  |  Plastic Pallets  |  Plastic Trough  |  Poly Pallets  |  Prefabs for Schools  |  Service pillar boxes  |  SMC Distribution Pillar Boxes  |  SMC Meter Boxes  |  SMC Panel Tank  |  Smc Sheets  |  Stackable Basket (Texurising Box)  |  Supertuff Crates, Baskets & Totes  |  Supertuff Pallet (Reversible 4 Way Entry)  |  Telephone Booths  |  Warehousing Pallet (Closed Grid Type)  |  Waste Bin, Round  |  Waste Bins and Containers  |  Waste Bins, Square  |  Water Tanks  |  Wheel Barrows  | 
Company Details:

Sintex leads in meaningful innovations and solutions. With multifarious capabilities in the field of plastics, metals, concrete, etc. the company has created many path breaking products.

The company has an excellent design, engineering, marketing and manufacturing set up to offer many standard and custom products and solutions for satisfying needs anywhere in the world.

Contact person:Mr. Manish Shrivastava
Estd year:1950
Address: Textile Division, Nr. Seven Garnala
Phone:91-2764-253500, 253398, 253000