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J C Gupta and Sons
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Company Name : J C Gupta and Sons
Page no : 64
Categories: Fasteners, Springs, Brackets and Hooks
Machine Tools & Accessories
Hand Tools, Power Tools & Accessories
Abrasives, Abrasive Media & Abrasive Wheels
Deburring, Drilling, Boring, Tapping and Threading Machines
Products: Baer Grip Ratchet Tool  |  Baer HSS Hand Tap Set  |  Baer Short Machine Tap Form B  |  Baer Short Machine Tap Form D  |  Blind Rivet Pop Nuts  |  Bolts Nuts and Fasteners  |  Brass Hex Spacers  |  Brass Inserts  |  Concrete and Masonry Hammer Drill Bit  |  Confirmat CM Furniture Screws  |  Disc Washers  |  Expandet 303 Nail Anchor  |  Expandet Outdoor Screw  |  Eye Bolts  |  Flange Nuts  |  Glass Fixing Studs  |  Hex Drive Sockets  |  Inserts, Solid Self Tapping  |  Monobolt Blind Rivets - Roundhead  |  Multi Security Pin Hex CSK Machine Screw Tamper  |  Nylock Nuts  |  Phillips Self Tapping Pan  |  Plain Washers  |  Self Clinching Fasteners  |  Self Clinching Studs  |  Self-Drilling Roofing/Cladding Screws Hex  |  SNAP Security Breakaway Nuts  |  Socket Button Head Cap Screws High Tensile  |  Socket Head Cap Screws  |  Socket Head CSK Screws  |  Socket Set Screws  |  Solid Hard/Soft Dowel Pins  |  Split Cotter Pins  |  Spring Washers  |  Star & Multi-Tooth Washers SS  |  Taper Washers  |  Threaded Rods  |  TORX Drive TX Bits  |  Wood Construction Screw  |  Wood Dowel Pins  | 
Company Details:
Contact person:Mr Sundeep Gupta
Address: No.7/A, Sardar Patrappa Road