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Crown Electronic Systems
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Company Name : Crown Electronic Systems
Page no : 221
Categories: Power Supplies, Batteries & Accessories
Electronic and Communication Measuring & Testing Instruments
Testing and Measuring Instruments
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Light, Wave and Sound Generating and Measuring Instruments
Electrical Measuring and Testing Instruments
Electrical Systems, Components & Accessories
Engineering, Research and Technology Based Services
Products: 5 MHz X-Y Oscilloscope  |  AF Power Output Meter  |  DC Regulated Power Supplies  |  DC- 30mhz Dual Trace Oscilloscope  |  Demonstration Models  |  Digital Micro-Ohm Meter  |  Digital Milli Ohm Meter  |  Digital Multifunction Meter  |  Digital Multimeter Bench Top  |  Digital Panel Meters  |  Digital Watt Meter  |  Dual Trace Oscilloscope (DC 20 MHZ)  |  Electrical, Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments  |  Electronic Experiment Module  |  Fixed Frequency Oscillator  |  General Purpose Oscilloscope  |  High Voltage Breakdown Tester  |  High Voltage DC Regulated Power Supply  |  Insulation Tester  |  LED Test Panel  |  Measuring Instrument for Food Processing Industries  |  Microprocessor Trainer Kit  |  Million Mega Ohm Meter  |  Network Theorems Apparatus  |  Portable Type Meters  |  Portable Type Watt Meters  |  Rheostats  |  Sine / Square Audio Oscillator 20Hz TO 200KHz  |  Sine/Square Oscillator, 1 Hz To 1 Mhz  |  Single Phase Multifunction Meter  |  Single Phase Multifunction Meter with AC Source  |  Temperature Controlled Soldering Station  |  Training Board  |  Training Kit for Communication Lab  | 
Company Details:

Crown Electronic Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of electrical, electronic test and measuring instruments which includes oscilloscope, DSO, oscillator, function generator, DMM, DPM, digital IC tester multifunction meter, HV breakdown tester, auto transformer(Variac) and electronic training boards for semiconductors, various theorems, amplifiers, OP-amplifier, filters, digital electronics, communication, microprocessor and instrumentation lab.

Contact person:Mr Aditya Nagpal
Address: 69/2-A, IInd Floor, Moti Nagar
City:New Delhi