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Cole Parmer India Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Cole Parmer India Pvt Ltd
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Categories: Industrial Washing and Cleaning Equipment
Electrochemical and Chromatographic Measuring Instruments
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Analysers, Analysis Systems and Monitors
Laboratory and Scientific Equipment
Gas, Gas Generation & Purification Systems
Process & Plant Equipment
Pipes, Tubes & Fittings
Syringe Pumps
Filtration, Purification and Separation Equipment
Heating and Drying Equipment & Accessories
Industrial Cleaning Services
Testing and Measuring Instruments
Furnaces, Ovens & Accessories
Metering Pumps
Packaging, Filling and Sealing Machines, Accessories & Materials
Calibration, Inspection and Viewing Instruments
Pumps, Pump Parts & Accessories
Printing & Marking Machinery and Accessories
Vibratory Machines and Equipment
Personal Safety and Protection Equipment
Gauges and Fixtures
Flow & Level Measuring and Control Instruments
Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Refrigeration Equipment & Accessories
Temperature Control and Measuring Equipment
Cement, Ceramics and Refractories
Abrasive Handling Pumps
Products: Advanced Heated Circulator  |  Anti Microbial Plastic Fittings  |  Benchtop NMR Spectrometer  |  Benchtop pH Meter  |  Bitumen Emulsifying Plant  |  Bomb Calorimeter  |  BPT Tubing, Pharmed  |  Cleanroom Wipes  |  Cole-Parmer® Basic Viscometer  |  Cole-Parmer® Chemical Resistant Gloves  |  Cole-Parmer® Chisso Filters  |  Cole-Parmer® Digital Ceramic Stirring Hot Plate  |  Cole-Parmer® Low-Lint Wipes  |  Cole-Parmer® Masterflex® I/P®Stainless Steel Process Pump w/ Easy-Load Head  |  Cole-Parmer® Masterflex® L/S® PTFE-Tubing Pump System  |  Cole-Parmer® Masterflex® L/S® SS Digital Process Pump w/ Easy-Load II Pump Head  |  Cole-Parmer® P100 pH Meter with pH Electrode, Handheld  |  Cole-Parmer® P200-02 pH Meter Kit  |  Cole-Parmer® PH5 pH Pocket Tester  |  Cole-Parmer® Photolab® WTW Spectrophotometer  |  Cole-Parmer® Polystat® Standard 15L Heat/Cool Bath  |  Cole-Parmer® StableTemp® Digital Mechanical Convection Oven  |  Cole-Parmer® StableTemp® Economical Digital Utility Water Baths  |  Cole-Parmer® Symmetry® EC Toploading Balances  |  Cole-Parmer® ThinTouch™ Nitrile Gloves  |  Cole-Parmer®Digital Hot Plate Stirrer  |  Cole-Parmer®Polystat® Standard 6L Heat/Cool Bath  |  Cole-Parmer®ThinTouchPROtect™ Nitrile, 12  |  Cole-Parmer®Ultra-Durable Nitrile Gloves  |  Combustion Analysers  |  CP Filters  |  Cryo Gloves  |  Digi-Sense® Precalibrated Infrared Thermometers  |  Digital Constant Speed Mixers  |  Digital Paper Moisture Meter  |  Digital Process Drives  |  Digital Process Drives with Antidrip Functionality  |  Digital Stirring Hot Plate  |  Digital Test Gauge  |  Electronic Overhead Stirrers  |  Flame Photometer, Single-Channel  |  Flowmeters For Process Plant Environment  |  Freeze Dry System, Benchtop  |  Freeze Dryers  |  Furnaces  |  Gas Diffusers  |  Gas Generators  |  Heavy Duty Biohazard Disposal Bags  |  IKA® RW 20 Digital Dual-Range Mixer System  |  IKA® T-25 ULTRA-TURRAX® Digital Homogenizer Kit  |  In-Line Homogeniser System  |  Lab Markers  |  Laboratory Baths & Circulators  |  Laboratory Chillers  |  Laboratory Refrigerators  |  Latex Gloves  |  Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar  |  Liquid Nitrogen withdrawal System  |  Magnetic Stirrers  |  Metering Pumps  |  Microfiber Cloth with Protection  |  Multiparameter Meter, Star Series  |  Nano Enclosures, Xpert  |  Nitrile Gloves  |  One Touch Vibratory Sieve Shaker  |  Ovens  |  pH Buffers, Nist-Traceable  |  pH Meter  |  PH Meter, Research Grade  |  PH Meter, Waterproof  |  pH Meters  |  Pipettors Multi Channel  |  Pipettors, Single Channel Adjustable Volume  |  Polystat Laboratory Baths and Circulators  |  Portable Viscometers  |  Precision Measurement Instruments, Digi-Sense  |  Reciprocal Shaking Water Baths  |  Rotary Evaporators  |  Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump  |  Rotational Viscometer Series  |  SI Analytics Lab 865 Benchtop pH meter  |  Silicone Tubings  |  Steel Hand Operated Drum Pump  |  Syringe Pumps With Smooth Flow  |  Touch Screen Bench Meter  |  Touch Screen Syringe Pumps  |  Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, Portable  |  Ultrasonic Cleaners  |  USB Microscope, Handheld Digital  |  Vacuum Evaporation System, RapidVap  |  Viscometer  |  Visible Spectrophotometer  |  Waterproof Meters  |  Waterproof Multiparameter Meters  |  Waterproof Pocket pH Tester  | 
Company Details:

Cole-Parmer is a global leader with over 60 years of experience in serving the Manufacturing, Research and Testing markets – with a range of innovative products in fluid handling, testing and measurement, electrochemistry, and general laboratory equipment and consumables. From the lab bench to large manufacturing processes, Cole-Parmer provides scalable solutions resulting in increased productivity and reduced operating costs. The diverse product offering when combined with superior technical support, and knowledgeable customer service is unmatched. Company’s unique and innovative products stand for highest accuracy and measurement reliability combined with easy installation and maintenance. Cole-Parmer offers a wide spectrum of unique products manufactured for handling both basic and advanced applications from lab to process. Cole-Parmer is the trusted choice in the research and manufacturing space with their Masterflex® Peristaltic Pumps, Tubing, Baths & Circulators, Ovens, Homogenizers, Mixers, Stirrers, Viscometer, Balances, Spectrophotometers, pH Meters, Lab & Process Filters, Pipettes, Gloves, Wipes, Safety Products and Consumables to name a few. Along with the choice of trusted brands, Cole-Parmer offers its customers FREE expert technical assistance, and exceptional service.

Contact person:Vinita Singh
Address: 403, A-Wing, Delphi,Hiranandani Business Park, Powai
Pincode:400 076
Phone:022- 61394410