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Wellmake Engineering Company Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Wellmake Engineering Company Pvt Ltd
Page no : 144 A
Categories: Furnaces, Ovens & Accessories
Process & Plant Equipment
Containers, Storage Equipment & Accessories
Heating and Drying Equipment & Accessories
Products: Furnaces  |  Non-Ferrous Melting & Heat Treatment Furnaces  |  Chamber Type Furnaces  |  Forced Air-Circulation Furnaces  |  Retort Furnace  |  Conveyorised Brazing Furnaces  |  Pit Pot Type Annealing  |  Malleablising Furnaces  |  Bogie Hearth Furnaces  |  Salt Bath Furnaces  |  Batch/Continuous Ovens  |  Forging/Normalizing Furnaces  |  Melting/Holding Furnaces  |  Gas Carburising/Nitriding Furnaces  |  Bell Type Furnaces  |  Batch/Continuous Rotary Retort Furnaces  |  Shaker Hearth Furnaces  |  Conveyorised Furnaces  |  Conveyorised Brazing Furnaces  |  Rotary & Moving Hearth Kilns  |  Quenching Tanks  |  Batch/Continuous Annealing Furnaces  |  Billet Re-Heating Furnaces  |  Melting Furnaces  |  Aging, Homogenising Furnaces  |  Continuous Furnaces  |  Energy Saving Device for Furnaces  |  Double Retort Furnace  |  Hardening Furnace  |  Quenching Furnace  |  Oil Fired Furnace  |  Mould Drying Conveyorised Ovens  |  Hot Air Generator/Rdf to Energy Projects  |  Gas Fired Rectangular Bell Furnaces  |  Impellers, Various Types  |  Furnaces - Electric, Gas & Fuel Fired  | 
Company Details:

Wellmake Engineering Company was established in 1980 by two young engineering enterprenures and over the years has grown into a company having two manufacturing units, Employing 70 people with complete manufacturing facilities. Catering to various Industries like Ferrous and Non-Ferrous cold rolling units, Aluminium extrusion plants, leaf spring gears and other autopart manufacturing unit, Various type of heat treatment plants and glass toughening plants.

Contact person:Mr S R Babbar
Estd year:1980
Address: 38K.Sector-16,Kasar Road Somani Lab our Gate