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Taisei Trading Private Limited
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Company Name : Taisei Trading Private Limited
Page no : 201
Categories: Analysers, Analysis Systems and Monitors
Clutches & Accessories
Brakes & Accessories
Tension Measurement and Control
Sensors, Detectors and Transducers
Products: Clutches & Brakes  |  De-Energising Brakes  |  Electromagnetic Clutch Brakes  |  Engine Clutch  |  Heat Pipe Cooled Powder Brakes  |  Tension Control Equipment  |  Tension Brakes  |  Micro Clutches  |  Powder Clutches  |  Hysteresis Clutches  |  Permanently Closed Clutches & Brakes  |  Dry Type Clutches  |  Tooth Clutches  |  Pancake Clutches  |  Linear Drive Units  |  Power Source Boxes  |  Spring Closed Brakes  |  Elevator Brakes  |  Automobile Clutches  |  Automobile Brakes  |  Testing Instruments  |  Measuring Instruments  |  Instrumentation Products  |  Thickness Meters  |  Ultrasonic Flowmeters  |  Thickness Gauge  |  Vibration Meter  |  Hardness Tester  |  Analytical Balances  |  Moisture Analysers  |  Sine-Wave Vibro Viscometers  |  Data Loggers  |  Thermohygrograph  |  Thermohygrometer  |  Circle Marker Thermometer  |  Multiple Measuring System  |  Pinhole Detector  |  Needle Detector  |  Ndt Testing  |  Coating Thickness Tester  |  Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge  |  Holiday Detectors  |  Underground Pipe Locator  |  Underground Cable Locator  |  Thermometer  |  Underground Water Leak Detector  |  Seismic Monitoring Systems  |  Thermal Imaging Camera  |  Non-Nuclear Pavement Quality Indicator  |  Non-Nuclear Pavement Quality Indicator  | 
Company Details:

TAISEI International having its registered office at Chennai, representing some of the major Japanese Companies was established in India for Import/Export and trading of high class quality materials. The Company is principally Japan oriented. The promoter of this company lived and worked in Japan for more than 20 years and developed good business connections. He has worked with some of the major manufacturers and trading organisations in Japan and experienced working and business practices of the Japanese Companies. He has widely travelled in Japan and other Far Eastern Countries.

Contact person:Mr S A Ali
Address: Taisei House, No 01-076/4/C-24, Survey No 24
Ganga Enclave, Lane Next to SBI, Opp Lane to Byrraju Foundation
Medchal Road, Petbasheerabad
Pincode:500 055