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Steel Smith
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Company Name : Steel Smith
Page no : 395
Categories: Clamps, Couplings, Connectors and Hardware
Machine Tools & Accessories
Automotive Components & Accessories
Products: Toggle Clamps  |  Machining/Fixturing Clamps  |  Swing Clamps with Handle (Adjustable)  |  Thrust Clamps (Vertical)  |  Retractable Clamps with Cam Handle  |  Side Clamps  |  Cam Push Clamps  |  Cam Edge Clamps  |  Squeeze Action Clamps  |  Pull Action Clamps  |  Automotive Clamps  |  Side Clamps  |  Pneumatic Clamps  |  Automotive Clamps  |  Clamping & Fixturing Elements  |  Swing Clamps  |  Toggle Pliers  |  Fixture Elements  |  F-Clamps  |  Vertical Hold Down Action Toggle Clamps  | 
Company Details:

Steel Smith pioneered the development of toggle clamps in India over 20 years ago and still manufactures the country's widest and most recognized line of these useful and adaptable tools. Steel Smith is committed to meeting the changing needs of its customers through continuous improvements and development of its clamping products and services. This commitment is seen in all the products manufactured thru the years, from manual clamps to the latest range of hydraulic clamps. Over 200 different toggle clamps and clamping systems are available to suit nearly any application requirements. The company have developed these clamps for infinite applications, considering the different shapes and sizes, holding capacity as well as operating ease.

Address: Plot No. 12, Sector-2, Vasai Taluka Industrial Estate
Village Gauraipada, Vasai (E)
Phone:91-250-2452530, 2452650, 2452651, 6457800 / 6457836 / 6457837, 838