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Company Name : Power Pulse
Page no : 497
Categories: Inverters, Converters, Rectifiers and Stabilizers
Power Supplies, Batteries & Accessories
Electrical Systems, Components & Accessories
Products: Rectifiers for Telecom & Bts  |  Customised Power Supplies for Industries  |  Converters - AC-DC, DC-AC, DC-DC, AC-AC  |  Battery Chargers - Smps Based  |  Linear Chargers  |  Float Cum-Boost Chargers  |  Power Packs & Power Panels  |  Power Systems for Bts, Telecom, Exchange & Epabx  |  Telecom Power Supply/FCBC/DC/Power Plant  | 
Company Details:

Power Pulse are in the business of SMPS, Power Supply, AC/DC DC/DC,DC/AC & AC/AC converters / inverters for more than 8 years. The Activities are backed by skilled team in all aspects like design, Engineering, marketing etc. As the Sensex is growing rapidly, so are the activities in the field of power Electronics Engineering & Automation.

manufacture & customize our products by sourcing & importing high quality raw material from, Japan, Singapore, Korea, USA & Europe. It is the result of serious efforts started 8 years back which resulted in shaping a company which leads in innovation and also in breaking of price barriers to provide the best technological solutions to Indian companies, Government Organizations and Defense Departments.

Power Pulse, is committed to achieve customer satisfaction, every time by using appropriate technology in designing, manufacturing and supply of SMPS, POWER Supply, Battery chargers etc.

Address: E,128,1st Floor Dilshad Garden
City:New Delhi