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Smart Labtech Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Smart Labtech Pvt Ltd
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Categories: Analytical Instruments
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Shelving and Storage System
Chemical Equipment and Machinery
Dimension & Weight Measuring Instruments
Pharmaceutical Machinery & Accessories
Electrical Boxes and Enclosures
Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Analysers, Analysis Systems and Monitors
Calibration, Inspection and Viewing Instruments
Laboratory and Scientific Equipment
Testing and Measuring Instruments
Special Purpose Machines
Products: Electronic Balances  |  Anaerobic Chamber  |  Analytical Instruments  |  Atomic Absorption  |  Biosafety Cabinets  |  Centrifuges  |  Check Weighers  |  Chemical & Pharma Instruments  |  Chemical Instruments  |  Chromatography Instruments  |  Deep Freezers  |  Electronic Weighing Balances  |  Enclosures  |  Fluorescent Gel  |  Fuming Cabinets  |  Fuming Cupboards  |  Gas Chromatography  |  Gel Documentation Systems  |  Glove Boxes  |  HPLC Analyser  |  Incubators  |  Industrial Weighing Balances  |  Inverted Microscopes  |  Inverted/Stereo Microscopes  |  Ion Chromatography  |  Ion Meters  |  Laboratory Equipments  |  Laboratory Instruments  |  Laboratory Products  |  Liquid Handling  |  Low Temperature Deep Freezers  |  Medical Instruments  |  Microscopes  |  Microscopes/Compound Microscopes  |  PCR Cabinets  |  pH Meters  |  Pharma Instruments  |  Pharma Lab Equipment  |  Process Control Instruments  |  Scientific Instruments  |  Spectrophotometer  |  Stereo Microscopes  |  Storage Cabinets  |  Testing & Measuring Equipment  |  Water Purification Systems  |  Weighing Instruments  |  Weighing Systems & Solutions  |  Microscopes  | 
Company Details:

SMART Labtech is a premier supplier of Laboratory Analytical, Biotechnological, Environmental, Microscopic and Weighing equipments suitable for your applications, dedicated in rendering our services by supplying Time Tested and Quality Products from Internationally Renowned manufacturers. At SMART Labtech we're working to bring you innovation, state-of -the-art scientific tools to meet your requirements from time to time. We always give Top priority to customer satisfaction and try to keep always in forefront to give an analytical solutions through our Technical Services. SMART Labtech is a leading developer and supplier of high-value Laboratory Equipment. Our products are used to accelerate the drug discovery process, to advance discoveries in genomics and proteomics, and to aid in the advancement of life science research. SMART designs, develops and markets Laboratory products. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with good sales and distribution support, we offer a complete line of products for Laboratories.

Address: 7-1-621/421/1, Behind Andhra Bank
S R Nagar
Phone:91-40-66783744, 66624394, 23700001