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EMT Megatherm Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : EMT Megatherm Pvt Ltd
Page no : 417
Categories: Furnaces, Ovens & Accessories
Heating and Drying Equipment & Accessories
Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Products: Induction Melting Furnace  |  Induction Billet Heaters  |  Induction Hardening Equipment  |  Bar End Heating  |  Static Frequency Converter for Melting & Heating  |  Foundry Equipment  | 
Company Details:

Megatherm Group started operation from the year 1990, and provides services in induction technology for bulk melting of steel, ferrous and non ferrous melting for the foundries, heaters for forging and extrusion, induction heat treating, and induction mass heating equipments.

Contact person:Mr. Talukder
Address: No 1 Taratala Road, Taratala