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Emmppe Associates
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Company Name : Emmppe Associates
Page no : 142
Categories: Ventilation, Air Circulation & Conditioning Equipment
Cooling Equipment & Accessories
Heat Exchangers & Radiators
Products: Panel Air Conditioners  |  Panel & Integrated Systems  |  Oil Chiller  |  Water Chiller  |  Coolant Chiller  |  Laser, EDM & Wire Cutting Process Cooling  |  Tool/Die & Mould Coolant Chiller  |  CNC/PLC & Drive Panel Cooling  |  Air-To-Air Heat Exchanger  | 
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The Aim of many engineers are the perfect conversion of energy from one form to other.But loss of energy will always occur in most cases in the form of heat. This heat must be removed, so that, we can protect the sensitive components. In most applications natural heat dissipation is not sufficient, so coolers are used to increase the heat dissipation.

Zapp cool offers a wide range of cooling solution for various applications.Zapp cool products are working successfully in CNC machine tool industry, robotics,automobile,food and chemical sector.

Zapp cool strongly believes that the customer should gain the greatest benefit from our experience and our commitment to total quality.

Address: 2/369B, Irugur Road, Chinniampalayam
Pincode:641 062
Phone:91-422-2629655, 2629177