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Cermet Resistronics Pvt. Ltd.
Company Details:

Cermet is a leading manufacture of Electronics / Electrical resistors in India with rich experience of 42 years in research & development. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company with growth rate 40% every year having annual turnover of USD 3.00 Million with a share of exports 20%. Cermet has achieved a distinguished success in the field of resistor manufacturing. Cermet has maintained its high quality standard and is well known for custom built solutions for various industries.

Cermet is eco-conscious RoHS compliance company, manufactures of Thick Film / Metal Glaze / High Voltage/ Hybrid / Flat Resistors, Network in India and have the widest range of Carbon Film / Metal film / Wire Wound, Metal Oxide Resistors ,Wire Wound Power Resistors up to 1200 W, Nutral Ground Resistors (NGR), Dynamic Breaking Resistors (DBR) & Zero Ohms Resistors(Tape Jumper).

Address: Gat No: 61, Plot No: 01 & 02, Shindewadi,
Taluka - Bhor
Pincode:412 205