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Anu Vidyut
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Company Name : Anu Vidyut
Page no : 543
Categories: Sensors, Detectors and Transducers
Switches and Relays
Power Analysers, Timers and Counters
Testing and Measuring Instruments
Products: Signalling & telecom equipment  |  Earth leakage detector  |  Electronic flasher relay  |  Fail safe electronic timer  |  Cable insulation tester  |  Digital transmission measuring set  |  Digital cross talk measuring set  |  Train traffic control equipment, 4 K/2W DTMF  |  Station control telephone, 4W/2W way  |  Delay timer 0-10 sec  |  Digital phase angle meter  |  Signalling and Telecom Equipment for Railyways  | 
Company Details:

Anu Vidyut is a pioneer ISO 9001 Certified Small Scale Industry manufacturing Electronic Testing, Measuring and Control equipment since 1964. Mainly involved in manufacture and development of electronic equipment used in Railway Signaling and Telecommunication.

Our Products are based on Railway/RDSO/IRS specification and quality assured after extensive internal as well as third party inspection. Many products developed by us which are used in Laboratory or Railways are deemed import items.

Address: C-1, Industrial Estate