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Mecgale Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd.
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Company Name : Mecgale Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd.
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Categories: Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants & Equipment
Material Handling Equipment & Accessories
Conveyors & Accessories
Mining and Oil Refining Machinery & Accessories
Vibratory Machines and Equipment
Building & Construction Machinery & Accessories
Crushing, Granulating and Size Reduction Machines
Products: Ash Handling Systems  |  Conveying Solutions  |  Conveyors  |  Material Handling Systems  |  Dust Handling Systems  |  Pneumatic Conveyors  |  Pneumatic Conveying Systems  |  Injection Systems  |  Crushing Equipment  |  Screening Equipment  |  Construction Equipment  |  Vibratory Equipment  |  Mining Equipment  |  Screening, Crushing & Conveying Systems  |  Bulk Material Handling Systems  |  Bulk Material Processing Systems  |  Automated Ash & Dust Handling Systems  |  Ash Handling Systems For Boilers  |  Long Distance Conveying System  |  Injection Systems  |  Material Handling Equipment  |  Raw Water Intake Systems  |  Water Treatment Plant & Equipment  |  Effluent Treatment Plant & Equipment  |  Sewage Treatment Plant & Equipment  | 
Company Details:

Mecgale is a project engineering company engaged in execution of Turnkey projects of Ash Handling (Bottom Ash , Fly Ash , Slurry Disposal system , High Concentration Slurry Disposal System.) Coal Handling & Bulk Material Handling, Pneumatic Conveying (Dense Phase , Vacuum Conveying , Injection System, Mill Reject Handling), Intake Water Screening System (Travelling Water Screen, Stop Log gate, Trash Rack, Sluice & Slide Gate), Dust Extraction System, Lime Coating System, Lime Handling System. The Company provides Balance Of Plant solutions in thermal power plant. We custom design, simple to complex processes & provides the most suitable cost-effective technological solution. Mecgale is further committed to develop in the area’s that mostly impact the future of the industries that we serve and we are also motivated to provide highest level of quality and service to all of our customer.

Address: N-65, MIDC Hingna Industrial Area
Phone: 91-7104-236873, 235271, 645125, 645916
Fax: 91-7104-235496