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Honda Siel Power Products Limited
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Company Name : Honda Siel Power Products Limited
Page no : 35
Categories: Power Generators and Alternators
Inverters, Converters, Rectifiers and Stabilizers
Cutting Machinery & Accessories
Electric Power Generation and Related Equipment
Products: Engines, Portable  |  Portable Generators  |  Generators – Handy, Super Silent & Lpg Series  |  Inverter Generators  |  Portable Water Pumps  |  Portable Engines For Multipurpose Applications (Sprayers/Vibrators, Etc)  |  Vertical Shaft Engines  |  Power Tiller  |  Brush Cutter  |  Lawn Mower  |  Portable Generator  | 
Company Details:

Honda Siel Power Products Limited (HSPP), formerly known as Shriram Honda Power Equipment Limited, is a joint venture between Honda Motor Co. Japan and Siel Ltd. The company is a part of one of the world's largest power products company, manufacturing a complete range of 4-stroke range of Portable generators, Water Pumps, Engines and Lawnmowers.

Address: Plot.N0.5 Sector 41 Kasna
City:Greater Noida