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EM Electronix (P) Ltd.
Company Details:

EM Electronix Private Limited, promoted by Experienced Technocrats & Research Experts was incorporated and commenced Business. em electronix has over 2 decades of experience in the Electronics Manufacturing and Services Sector. EM electronix has been the Name behind the biggest brands in the Industry today. From a modest start in manufacture of small electronic products for textile industry and horology sector, the company today has diverse range encompassing various cross sections of industrial applications, strategic electronics, automobile electronics and defence systems.

The entire product range is an outcome of it’s own R&D Wing established with recognition from DSIR, Govt. of India. With its latest infrastructure, the company is producing international quality products for defence, space, automobile, power and engineering sector.

EMEPL has contributed to the nation by projects of national importance such as pollution control systems, instrumentation for thermal and nuclear power plants, sonar, radar and missile launcher electronics, satellite uplink sub-systems and satellite testing thermo vacuum chamber electronics. In the Past decade, EM has established an impressive reputation as a supplier of Innovative and high class quality products.

On Highway, Off Highway, Armored Vehicles

  • Automatic Transmission controllers
  • Transmission Control Units (TCU)
  • Electronic vehicle Monitoring systems
  • Warning Cluster
  • Wire harness 
  • Steering Control System
  • Payload Monitoring System
  • On-board Diagnostic System
  • Smart Sensor’s and Transmitters 
  • Remote Gear Controller 
  • Speed Processors, RPM Counters
  • Programmable high precision timers
  • Hour meter, Speedometer, Odometer

Defence and Aerospace Products
  • Power electronic systems for defence applications
  • Radar & Sonar Sub-Systems
  • Missile Launcher Electronics
  • Defence Communication Systems
  • Transmission Controller for Battle Tanks
  • Rugged Defence Grade Regulated Power Supplies
  • Defence Grade Battery Chargers
  • Key Power Systems for ON-Board Naval Warship & Submarines
  • Open loop controllers for Aero Engines
  • Aircraft engine test bed
  • Dedicated micro boards / Real-time Operating System CPU cards
  • Ruggedized Power switching devices
  • Rugged Battery chargers DCDC converters
  • Isolation transformers 
  • Ruggedized Monitoring and Diagnostic panel

Industrial and Process Instrumentation
  • Temperature Indicators, Controllers, Scanners
  • Digital and Analogue Speed Sensors
  • Speed Indicators, Controllers
  • Speed Processors and UP-Down Counters 
  • RPM Stroke Counters, Proximity Sensors 
  • Temperature Sensors and Probes
  • Digital Panel Meters
  • Process Timers and Sequential Controllers
  • Process Transmitters
  • Data Loggers 
  • DC Regulated Power Supplies
  • Battery Chargers/DC-DC Converters 
  • Controllers for Concrete Mixers
  • Sensors and Data acquisition systems
  • Hoist Controllers and Payload monitoring Systems
  • Diagnostic Systems and many more
  • Instrumentation Systems for Thermal Power plants
  • Power Systems for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Automation Systems for Green energy and Smart Grid Initiative

Address: 91/2, 2nd Main, Industrial Suburb