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Uptodate Plastics & Packagings Private Limited
Company Details:

Uptodate Plastics and Packagings Private Limited was incorporated as a company in the year 1989 with the objective to manufacture high performance hot melt adhesives (HMA). The factory was set up in Surajpur (GREATER NOIDA) in the year 1991. The Company has set high standards of performance and has fully equipped itself with the required resources in shape of manpower, equipment, plant and machinery and infrastructure to meet the Quality Management System under International Systems (ISO 9001:2000) with the Certification scope to manufacture, develop and sell hot melt adhesive in the national and international market. Uptodate Plastics And Packagings Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the melto series of hot melt adhesives for diverse industrial applications such as packaging, bookbinding, lamination, wood working, DIY, adhesion of plastic to plastic and plastic to glass. Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives are manufactured for use in labels, tapes, and holograms. Products are available in standard forms e.g., granules, blocks, release coated cartons etc. The company also plans to introduce in the market, heat activated pressure sensitive adhesive films, 11mm diameter cylindrical rods and adhesive sheets.

Address: 301 & 316, Laxmi Deep Building,
Laxmi Nagar District Centre
City:New Delhi
Pincode:110 092
Phone: 91-11-42448614, 43046510
Fax: 91-11-22043804