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Met Trade India Ltd.
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Company Name : Met Trade India Ltd.
Page no : 655
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An industry leader in Aluminium, Lead & Tin, Met Trade (India) Limited, the metals flagship company of the Gupta Group Of Companies having its head office at 138, Main Road, Gazipur, Delhi-110096. India, is one of the largest Aluminium rolling companies. The company is also one of the biggest producers of lead and only producer of Pure Tin in India with multiple manufacturing facilities in India.

MTIL’s corporate culture is exemplified by decision-making capacity and long-term customer partnerships. The exceptional commitment of the entire workforce to the continuous improvement process is repeatedly supported by the creation of benchmarks, while employee motivation is characterized by quality consciousness, productivity and innovativeness. The ideas and suggestions of the workforce represent a major factor in MTIL’s success. The interplay of all these factors result in a high degree of flexibility and the ability to approach customer needs with individual consulting and targeted solutions, from material selection and further processing

Address: 138-139, Main Road, Ghazipur
City:New Delhi
Pincode:110 096