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Kasthuri Marketing and Manufacturing Consultancy P Ltd
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Company Name : Kasthuri Marketing and Manufacturing Consultancy P Ltd
Page no : 346
Categories: Deburring, Drilling, Boring, Tapping and Threading Machines
Milling and Bending Machines
Special Purpose Machines
Products: Automatic drilling machines  |  Boring machines (vertical)  |  Diamond cutting machines  |  Drilling machines  |  Paper rolling machines  |  Rotary indexing drilling & tapping machines  |  Special milling machines  |  Special purpose machines (SPMs)  |  Multi Spindle Drilling Head With Pillar  | 
Company Details:

Kasthuri Marketing & Manufacturing Consultancy is formally marketing division of Kasthuri Machine Builders (KMB). Since the inception, the factory has devoted its complete endeavor and energy in manufacturing Special Purpose Machines. Specially in the drilling field we have developed lot of machines for Machine tools industry which results in increase in production increase about 3-4 times with less labor cost.

With 2 decades of experiences, KMB also started manufacturing standard machines like Multiple Spindle Drill Head, auto-feed drilling machine, auto-feed tapping machine, tapping and drilling heads. These machines are as per basic Industrial design and its best for the CNC Machines shop where CNC Lathe, CNC, VMC and other Special Purpose machines are used. All the products are designed by professional Mechanical Engineers for Mass Production to reduce manufacturing cost.

It has improved in its quality and customers contacts by generating in its profitable measures. Our components have covered most of the machines in its variegated application of drilling, tapping, boring and reaming. Our machineries have extended its hands from local to the overseas.

Contact person:Mr. S. Anand
Estd year:1987
Address: No. 4-H, G. N. Mills Post, Gandhi Nagar