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Electro Mechanical Enterprises
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Company Name : Electro Mechanical Enterprises
Page no : 463
Categories: Vibratory Machines and Equipment
Testing and Measuring Instruments
Calibration, Inspection and Viewing Instruments
Sensors, Detectors and Transducers
Products: Airflow measurement  |  Anechoic chamber  |  Audio & sound analyser  |  Bore scope & video scope  |  Calibration  |  Calibration resistors, sound & vibration calibrators, calibrator  |  Calibrators - temperature, pressure, voltage, current, process, universal PT 100 & RTD simulators  |  Core loss tester, CRGO tester  |  Digital datalogger, displays recorder & software, pH meter  |  Hot winding resistance meter  |  Humidity, LVDT temperature, radiation, wind sensors, precipitation  |  Impulse tester, insulation tester  |  Infra red thermal camera  |  Infra red thermal camera & non-destructive testing instruments  |  Load, force, torque, velocity, displacement, vibration, accelerometer  |  Meteorological & environmental monitoring systems  |  Moisture analyser  |  Multi-channel monitoring  |  Multimeter, lux-meter  |  Noise barrier  |  Noise mapping software  |  Ohmmeters - micro, milli, giga & tera  |  Oscilloscope, function generator  |  Partial discharge test equipment  |  Power supply DC & AC  |  Precision balance  |  Pressure sensors  |  Process instruments  |  Process monitoring  |  Psychro meter, barometer, pyranometer, flue gas analyzer  |  Remote noise monitoring  |  Sensors, transmitter & calibrators  |  Sound & vibration meter - precision sound level meter  |  Sound & vibration monitoring  |  Spectrum analyser  |  Stacking factor tester  |  Test & measuring equipment electrical & electronics  |  Vibration controller  |  Vibration meter  |  Vibration test system  |  Wind transmitter, hygrothermo transmitter, process indicators, PID  | 
Company Details:

EME Indian was established with a strong commitment and confidence to facilitate supply/service of innovative Scientific/industrial products, Instruments, Apparatus and systems. An Engineering Enterprise managed by professionals having root level Fundamental knowledge & experience of various technologies. EME Indian has skilled and dedicated employees who understand customers requirements and are eager to serve them in a better way for production, planning, product development and research/ development, quality control,order processing, dispatching are managed by consummate Sales Assistants,Engineers and Technicians. A long list of satisfied customers from both private and public sector units such as SUZLON , ENERCON , BOSCH, BHEL, SIEMENS, AREVA, THYSSEN, TATA , SUZUKI DENSO, HELLA ,PARI and many more... we are registered vendor for several renowned business units.

Address: A-73, First Floor, Sector-80, Industrial Area, Phase-II
Pincode:201 305
Phone: 91-120-3047426, 6454404
Fax: 91-120-2460673